Our Future Architecture

Our Future Architecture

Our Architecture

Built in neo-classical style of architecture, the temple bands together conventional architecture with ultra-modern services. The ardent devotees like HG Amitasana das (president of HKM Jaipur & Mumbai) and HG Shyam Sundar Das designed the structure of this remarkable shrine, mingling the elements of traditional South-Indian with contemporary style of architecture. The elaborate temple complex is divided into various sections and sub-sections.

The splendid structure of Hare Krishna Temple, Kota is worth-seeing because the celestial grandeur cannot be bounded in words. Lush green gardens in the campus appear mesmerizing to the onlooker. The temple complex also has an open amphitheatre, where various festivals and concerts are observed. The festival of 'Janmashtami' is the major festival that is celebrated here with loads of enthusiasm and devotion.

To make this temple fulfills with each and every needs or to complete this temple construction. We need your support. Without your support we can't make this temple. Donate Us to support the temple construction work.

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